How I manage a new baby and puppy

My husband and I lost our 8-year old pup (we always called him a puppy even though he was actually an old man) when I was pregnant. He was everything you could ask for in a dog – always wanted to cuddle and could hold his bladder for 8 hours. I could go on and on about how much I loved our Jax but that isn’t the point – the point is, we couldn’t imagine starting our family without a little four legged friend (stupid… I know… haha), so we got a puppy 3 months before I was due. Man oh my! Did we have no idea what we were getting into πŸ™‚ Now that baby is here – here is how I manage.

Breast engorgement: How I lowered my milk supply in one breast

This week I played a fun game of try to keep my left boob from exploding πŸ™‚ If you’ve ever had engorged breasts, then you know this is in fact not a fun game at all! My left breast was producing way more milk than was necessary, and I was feeling it! I would wake up with a rock-hard breast that was tender and in pain. After feedings, it would only take another 1.5 hours before it felt that way again, which was no bueno since I was only doing one breast per feeding. Being the fix it personality I am, I didn’t just want to pump the milk out to relieve the pain – I wanted to fix it, and I did. Here’s how πŸ™‚

DISCLAIMER: This is just MY experience. It isn’t meant to act as medical advice.

Everything you need downstairs for newborn

I live in a townhome with an upstairs and downstairs. The upstairs has all the rooms and the downstairs has the kitchen and living room. Because stairs are the worst to climb up and down, we basically made a second home for baby girl downstairs. This was a huge help to us since we wanted to be able to keep an eye on baby bumble bee (I have a million nicknames for her) when we were living our lives downstairs without having to always be checking a monitor or running up the stairs. It was also nice to just have a safe place to set her when we needed our hands free. For example, we have a 5 month old puppy (don’t ask me why we got a puppy right before having a baby…), and it is very nice to have a safe place for her to be where the puppy is not!

Anyways, we have a nice little set up downstairs that consists of a…

5 breastfeeding must have items

The fact that we can grow babies is absolutely wild to me. Then, we produce this liquid gold that feeds them? It’s a miracle if I’ve ever seen one. While I thought all of this was absolutely astonishing, breastfeeding was very intimidating to me. My nipples had been part of my “private square” and it was odd to think I was going to let this little human drink milk from them. I know it’s natural and beautiful, but it was also foreign to me; hence, it was a little weird.Β 

I knew I wanted to do it though, but man oh my I had no idea what it was going to be like. Hopefully, my experience can help you prepare for your own breastfeeding journey (if breastfeeding is what you are interested in doing – formula rocks too – I was a formula baby πŸ™‚ ) At the bottom, I provide some items that helped me adjust to breastfeeding life.

Why I liked my newborn sleeping in my room

Before having my first little lady, I was absolutely positive that my nugget would start sleeping in her crib. I mean what else is it for if not for her to sleep in? As my pregnancy went on, that idea began to be picked at due to my husband’s need to follow all the “rules.” The rule I’m referring to is that baby should sleep in parent’s room until AT LEAST 6 months old… while I don’t think that is necessary (and now that the nugget is here and sleeping in our room, neither does the hubby *giggle*), I was happy that I had a bassinet that she could sleep in our room in.